The Sailjuice Podcast

The Top 10 Sailing Stories of 2020 - Part 1

December 30, 2020


It’s that time again for Mark Jardine and Andy Rice’s annual round-up of the 10 most read stories from 2020 on Mark’s websites, and In Part 1 we cover stories No.10 up to No.6, taking in everything from the explosion of interest in doublehanded offshore racing to round-the-world nostalgia and the latest attempt to push the speed sailing barrier of 65.45 knots...


There’s also a plug for Andy’s new online course that he’s put together with Hamish Willcox - Pete Burling and Blair Tuke’s coach in their world-beating 49er Olympic campaign. See if you can spot the ‘mystery names’ endorsing Road To Gold, then go to to see if you’re right!


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